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Standard Shortage and Claim Procedure


All claims or intents to claim must be submitted in writing to our company via email at


Please complete the ROK Logistics Inc. claim form which can be found here or requested via email at


Only the shipper or consignee may file a claim, as long as they are part of the contract (BOL)


The following documents must accompany the claim:

  • Original bill of lading

  • Copy of signed delivery receipt with noted shortage or damage

  • Copy of suppliers invoice or proof of manufacturing cost to establish the value of shipment damaged   item(s)

  • Any and all photos of damaged product


Damages or Shortages must be explicitly noted on the proof of delivery when such delivery is made. The following notations are not acceptable and will not entitle you  to file a claim:

  • Subject to inspection            

  • Possible Shortage

  • Possible Damage


Regarding Concealed Damage - ROK Logistics Inc.’s policy is NOT to pay claims regarding concealed loss or damage  -  Visible damage and/or shortages must be noted at time of delivery and must be noted on delivery receipt (POD)


Time Limit for Filing Claim:

  • Damage claims must be filed within 30 days from delivery

  • Shortage claims must be filed within 30 days from delivery


 Valuation Clause and policy with ROK Logistics Inc. Ex-IL Terminal:

  • Ex- IL Terminal our policy on damages when no insurance is purchased is a $50 min  payout of .50 per lb

  •  Additional Insurance for up to $2000.00 USD can be purchased for a cost of $15.00 per shipment (when required)


Valuation Clause and policy with ROK Logistics Inc. Ex-TORONTO Terminal:

  • Ex- TO Terminal liability is restricted to $2.00/lb when no value is declared on the bill of lading at time of shipping.  When a declared value is shown, carriers are liable for an amount up to the value declared, providing proper invoices are supplied to verify this value.

  • A carrier is liable only for the value of the goods at time of shipping.  A carrier is NOT liable for overhead expenses, Lost profits, administration fees, etc.

  • Additional Insurance can be purchased for high-value shipments when requested and required. 


In addition, ROK Logistics Inc. does not accept liability for goods shipped at “owner’s risk of             damages” or for goods NOT properly crated or packaged – Minimum packaging requirements are outlined in the following two publications:

  • National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC)

  • Hazardous Materials Regulations of the Department of Transportation


Notations such as “subject to inspection” and “Possible Shortage/Damage” are NOT

damages or shortage notations and these notations will not be accepted as a damage or shortage notation should a claim be filed

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